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I was here in January for my first knee replacement surgery recovery and was totally impressed, so I am here a second time after having my other knee replaced. The therapy department is outstanding showing exemplary skill and knowledge, laced with compassion, support and encouragement. The department has a wonderful system of rotating therapists the client has, therefore you get the best ideas and suggestions from all the staff not just one team member.

The kitchen is wonderful. If you have been here and say you didn’t like the food, shame on you. All you need to do is ask the kitchen for what you want or what you would like them to do different and they will do their best to accommodate you. I have taken pictures of my requested fruit plates and salad plates and sent the pictures to my children, they were so pleased to see the healthy eating options I had plus the presentation was picturesque. I have requested fruit snacks a couple of times a day and I get them like clock work. Other patients have asked me, “How’d you get that?” And the answer is simple – ask! Right now I have fresh carrots, cukes and celery to snack on. I am totally satisfied! Oh, also just by asking I am having an egg white omelet with cheese and veggies tomorrow morning. It’s not on the menu, but hey are willing to make it!

CNA and nurses. In my book compassion is number one! So on that alone they earn 5 stars. I am in awe of their patience and tenderness with the long term difficult patients. I have always seen the staff treat all patients with respect and humane treatment.

The facility is clean, does not smell and decor is appealing to most. No dust or built-up crud in the corners or along the walls.

I will be leaving soon, and so thankful to all the people who cared for me and made my stay successful, caring and even fun (at times.)

I could go on even more but Crystal Cove is my choice!
– Pricilla Flemming, 5 Star review on Yelp –


My father is a resident of Crystal Cove Rehabilitation in Newport Beach, CA. We looked earnestly and did a lot of homework when placing my father in a Nursing Facility. The Medicare.gov rating Nursing Facilities has a Five Star System for rating facilities and is the most objective evaluation service. This is the Government and you can’t buy a rating like you can on other sites. You must earn it over a number of key issues. This is more objective than when someone rants about something. This rating is a comprehensive process so it is a fair rating. Please check it out.  Medicare.gov/nursinghome

Crystal Cove has a four Star rating (there are very few Four Star Facilities) from an objective rating service not just a rating that you can buy. The one critical issue to me was how much Nursing time and rehab would my father receive? Crystal Cove exceeds the National Average and the State Averages. Crystal Cove gives their residents about 30% more total Nursing hours per day and 3 times as many rehab minutes per day.

Here are my personal experiences with Crystal Cove Rehabilitation. I visit my father every day and have seen the facility in action.

First, it is an extremely clean facility. They are always vacuuming the carpets, shampooing the carpets, cleaning the hand rails and cleaning the floors and windows.

Second, the staff is responsive to the residents and the concerns of the families. My father has a form of dementia, which means that he is a fall risk and needs to be monitored continuously. They have an alarm that they place on my father. When he gets up, it goes off. I have been in his room and the dining room when he has set the alarm off and the staff were there immediately each time.

Third, when my father went into the home he could not sleep and would want to come home. He would get out of the bed and be belligerent with the staff. The Nursing staff placed him kindly at their Nursing Station for several nights until he accepted that he lived there.

Fourth, we take my dad to church each week and the staff has him dressed (Miguel) and ready to go when we show up to pick him up. They put him in the car for us and anything else that we need. The first we took my father to church, Miguel had not dressed him in the clothing that I had brought in on Saturday. I was surprised and upset and Miguel apologized to me for making the mistake. What I cam to find out was I made the mistake. I had brought in my father’s clothing and left it hanging on another person’s closet. The note did not specify my father, so Miguel did as he was told and dressed my father’s roommate in the clothes. I was so embarrassed for making such an issue out of this when it was clearly my mistake. Miguel take wonderful care of my father and has become a true friend of my Dad. My Dad loves Miguel and so do we.

Fifth, my mother thought she had left her keys in the facility but no one could find them. About an hour later, my brother came to visit my Dad. Someone had found some Lexus keys in the parking lot outside and turned them into the front desk. Those keys coudl have easily been placed into a drawer and we would never see them again but the staff was alerted and brought them to my brother while he was visiting Dad. Thank you Crystal Cove.

We are all very pleased with the care that my father receives from Crystal Cove and would recommend it to anyone who is placing a loved one in a facility. It is a difficult decision to make – to place a loved on in someone else’s care, but Crystal Cove has proven worthy of our trust.

Sincerely, David Crosby – 4 Star review on Yelp


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